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Multi-bird roasts

Suitable in a ballontine:

Which wine with a ballontine?

A wine not too rich so you can savour the different flavours. A fruity red like a Chilean Merlot, Carménère or a Cabernet Sauvignon. A Chianti or a mature Rioja. Some New Zealand Pinot Noir. Or a white, an Alsace or a New Zealand white.

Shami Gill, Wattisfield Wines. Three doors from us. .

Perfect for special and festive occasions. Three different types of bird contained within each other. Three layers of different stuffing complimentary to each bird. Made to order (at least seven days in advance please).

One of many possible ballontines:

A Pheasant-in-a-Chicken-in-a-Goose Ballontine

A pheasant with herby force-meat stuffing
in a
chicken with traditional sausage meat and sage stuffing
in a
local free range goose boned and stuffed with a bread based apricot, orange, and ginger stuffing.

All three birds are boneless apart from the outer bird keeps its drumstick and wing bones to help retain its original shape.

Which types of birds?

Any combination of poultry and game birds. The following are all suitable:

Poultry: any of the Chickens, a Goose, any of the Turkeys, a Duck. And any of our Game birds: Pheasant, Partridge, Wild duck, Grouse, Pigeon, Quail, and Guinea fowl.

It’s up to you. All combinations taste fantastic. The only stipulation is they must fit in each other so must be different sizes.

For example:

If you’d like any advice on which combinations are suitable for a ballontine, depending on how many people you’re entertaining for example, just ask: telephone 01359 259225 (we’re open now opening hours) or contact us.

Supplied with your ballontine

The remaining bones and giblets of all three birds are supplied separately, shrink-wrapped: perfect for making excellent stock. Also supplied with your ballontine cooking guidelines including the cooking time appropriate for your ballontine.

Cooking your ballontine

Because ballontines consist of multiple birds, all stuffed, ballontines are dense. Therefore require slightly longer than usual cooking. The recommended roasting time specific to your ballontine will be supplied with it.

Wrap your ballontine tightly in oiled foil, seal at the top, place in a roasting tin in an oven preheated to 180°C / 360F / Gas Mark 4, and cook for the recommended (supplied with the ballontine) time. If using a fan assisted oven the cooking time should be slightly reduced; by how much refer to your particular cooker’s usage guidelines (it varies depending on cooker type).

Carefully open foil and place the ballontine onto a dish. Carve straight down ¼ to ½ inch slices opposite end to the legs.


Discounts on orders made in advance (for collection)

  • 10% off orders over £100
  • 9% off over £90

  • 5% off orders over £50

Telephone 01359 259225 (we’re open now opening hours), or contact us.

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