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Beef and Steak

Which wine with beef?

A full-bodied rich wine with lots of flavour. From the Rhône, Bordeaux and the New World, especially Argentinian red wines.

Shami Gill, Wattisfield Wines. Three doors from us. .

All our beef is naturally and locally reared – less than 7 miles from us – and traditionally butchered.

Expertly butchered on our premises: Hung traditionally to mature for three weeks; an essential part of the process which ensures tender, flavoursome beef.

Food miles

The full distance our beef travels from its source to our shop:

6 miles Farm 10 miles Abattoir 13 miles Our shop Total:
Some calves brought in from two other local farms Cotton, Suffolk Eye, Suffolk Walsham le Willows, Suffolk 23 to 29 miles

Produced and supplied by A.E. & K.W. Bullock, Church Farm, Cotton, Suffolk IP14 4RG.

Cuts and cooking methods

Choose which cut to suit your intended cooking method; Prime lean cuts for quick cooking (grilling, frying, and the slightly slower method roasting). Tougher, more muscular cuts require slower, longer, moist cooking methods (braising, casseroling, stewing, pot roasting, boiling) to tenderise.

Cuts from the top of the animal, along the middle of the back are the most tender. Cuts from the neck, shoulders and lower legs – areas of the animal which do more work – are tougher, but when cooked longer become lovely and tender and moist with an excellent rich flavour.


  • On the bone
  • Boned and rolled
  • Steak

A tender premium cut. Fine grained meat. Thin covering of fat.

Cooking: On and off the bone, roast. Steaks, fry or grill.


  • Boned and rolled

Course grained meat from belly, a naturally fatty area. Sold well trimmed of fat.

Cooking: Braise or pot roast.


  • Boneless

From top inner leg. Prime, lean roasting cut.

Cooking: Top quality meat, roast. If not top quality, pot roast.


  • Boneless
  • Barded

From the outer leg. Coarser-grained than the topside cut.

Cooking: Braise or pot roast.

Rib eye steak

Prime juicy steak cut. More tender and better marbled (thin multiple layers of fat throughout) than most other beef cuts. Especially good flavour.

Cooking: Perfect for quick, dry heat methods. Fry or grill.

Fore rib

  • On the bone
  • Boneless

A prime succulent roasting joint. Naturally tender, luxurious beef rib.

Cooking: Roast.

Wing rib

  • On the bone

From near the sirloin cut in the loin area. Makes an excellent tender roast.

Cooking: Roast on the bone.

Rolled rib beef

  • Boned, rolled, and tied

Cooking: Roast.

Fillet steak

The tenderest, highest quality steak of them all. Very lean. From beneath the sirloin.

Cooking: Grill or fry.

Rump steak

From next to the sirloin. Narrow border of fat. Thought by many as the tastiest steak.

Cooking: Grill or fry.

Chuck steak

From the shoulder and neck. Yields very flavoursome and more economical meat. Tougher than the other prime steak cuts.

Cooking: Requires slower, in liquid cooking. Boil, pot roast, stewing or braising.

Braising steak

Lean meat from the shoulder area. Good flavour when cooked slowly with moisture.

Cooking: Boil, pot roast, stewing or braising.

Leg and shin

Tough, needs cooking slowly, but very tasty.

Cooking: Boil, pot roast, stewing or braising.

Beef skirt

Long flat muscle cut. Tough, lean, tasty.

Cooking: Long slow cooking to tenderise fully. Excellent for braising.

T bone steak

From the tender loin area. One of the higher quality steak cuts.

Cooking: Grill or fry.

Loose minced beef

Coarsely ground beef.

Cooking: Use for beef burgers and any quickly cooked minced beef recipe.

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