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Which wine with duck?

Rich well developed wines of complexity like a fine Rhône, Burgundy or a fine Portuguese red like a Bairrada. Rich Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon or a wine from southwest France like a Madiran or Cahors.

Shami Gill, Wattisfield Wines. Three doors from us. .


Ducks are suitable in a ballontine – multi‑bird (three birds of your choice) roasts made to order.

A whole Gressingham Duck weighs about 1.8kg.

Gressingham ducks:

The Gressingham duck is a cross between the Wild Mallard and Pekin breeds of duck. They have succulent flavoursome meat— more so than other breeds. A Gressingham duck has approximately 20% more breast meat than other breeds of duck of the same weight.

The ducks are reared on numerous farms all in East Anglia. Mostly they’re barn reared. They have natural light and ventilation, and fresh straw bedding daily. Gressingham Foods, the suppliers of Gressingham ducks, work with RSPCA to ensure good living standards for the ducks.

The duck’s feed contains no growth enhancers or antibiotics.

Food miles

The full distance Gressingham ducks travel from their sources to our shop:

Hatcheries 0-81 miles Farms 0-32 miles Processing 19-45 miles Distributors 8-35 miles Our shop Total:
Two farms in East Anglia Numerous farms all in East Anglia Nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk Haughley New Street, Suffolk, or Norwich, Norfolk Walsham le Willows, Suffolk 32 to 187 miles

Supplied by Gressingham Foods, Loomswood Farm, Debach, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 6JW.

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