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Other lamb related items:

Which wine with lamb?

Ideally a really fine Rioja or a Burgundy. Wines from the Tempranillo or the Grenache grapes. Some New Zealand Pinot Noir or a good Bordeaux.

Shami Gill, Wattisfield Wines. Three doors from us. .

Naturally reared fresh Suffolk and Norfolk lamb.

All our lamb is reared locally at the moment.

We offer nothing but fresh English lamb throughout the whole year. Off-season (November through March) when local availability is lower about three quarters of our lamb is sourced in the north of England (Pennines), the rest locally.

The sheep are reared on meadow grassland, pastures, and marshland in Suffolk and Norfolk. East Anglian countryside provides excellent grazing and produces high quality meat; gives a distinct and tasty flavour.

British lamb is at its most tender in May and June – known as spring lamb. Its flavour plainly roasted or grilled is delicious and needs no further embellishment.

As the season develops the flavour develops but is a little less tender so requires slightly slower cooking.

Food miles

The full distance our lamb travels from its source to our shop:

Pasture & meadowland 1-15 miles Abattoirs 30-52 miles Wholesalers 6 miles Our shop Total:
Beccles marshes area, Suffolk Hevingham area, Norfolk Beccles, Suffolk Nr. Norwich, Norfolk Elmswell, Suffolk Walsham le Willows, Suffolk 37 to 73 miles

Supplied by Suffolk Meat Traders Ltd, Grove Lane, Elmswell, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9HN.

Beccles marshes, Suffolk

Cuts and cooking methods

Prime cuts are from the top alond the middle of the back. These areas provide the most tender cuts and are suitable for quick cooking – grilling, frying as well as roasting. Tougher cuts offer an equally beautiful taste as prime cuts – they just require a slower and moister cooking method to tenderise.

Leg of lamb

  • Joint
  • Diced

A prime lean cut. Thin layer of skin and fat.

Cooking: Whole leg: roast (on or off the bone), braise, or pot roast.

Shoulder of lamb

  • Joint
  • Diced

Economical joint. Sweet flavoursome meat. Fair proportion of bone and fat.

Cooking: Whole joint: roast on the bone, roast or pot roast off the bone after stuffing.

Lamb loin chops

  • Plain
  • Minty

Individual portions. Trimmed and ready for cooking.

Cooking: Grill, shallow fry, or covered fry. Barbecue.

Lamb cutlets

Taken from the rack of lamb.

Cooking: Pan fry.

Rack of lamb

Excellent small joint. 5-6 rib cutlets.

Cooking: Roast.

Neck of lamb

Lamb steaks

  • Unmarinaded
  • Onion and herb marinade

From the loin area. Tender.

Cooking: Grill. Ideal for the barbecue.

Breast of lamb

Long thin strip. Tasty, with layers of fat; fat usually covers one side. Contains several rib bones.

Cooking: Cooking: Slow roast or braise.

Lamb shanks

Taken from the hind legs. Very flavourful cut.

Cooking: Perfect for braising. Cook slowly. Slow roast. Stew.

Stuffed lamb noisettes

Fillets taken from the loin/saddle of lamb.

Cooking: Grill, fry.

Spicy lamb grill sticks

Loose minced lamb

Minced lean lamb.

Cooking: Moussaka and many similar dishes. Patties to fry.

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