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Which wine with pork?

A fruity lighter red from the Loire, Beaujolais or Southern Hemisphere that have riper fruit. Or a rich fruity dry white like a Viognier or an Alsace.

Shami Gill, Wattisfield Wines. Three doors from us. .

Local Suffolk free range pork. Naturally and outdoor reared.

Hung and matured for ten days on our premises; this enhances the flavour and tenderises the meat.

Only young gilt (female) pigs are used, which ensures the most tender, sweet, and succulent pork possible.

Whenever available we stock rare breed pork: Gloucester Old Spot, Berkshire, Saddle Back, and Large Black.

We source our pork from two farms, Dingley Dell, and Blythburgh, both located out towards the Suffolk coast. For their whole lives all our pigs spend all day outside in large fields with plenty of space to roam in – never cooped up.

Dingley Dell and Blythburgh pigs are Freedom Food RSPCA monitored.

Food miles

The full distance Dingley Dell pork travels from its source to our shop:

Farm: born 4 miles Farm: reared 53 miles Abattoir 51 miles Wholesalers 6 miles Our shop Total:
Nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk Nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk Nr. Norwich, Norfolk Elmswell, Suffolk Walsham le Willows, Suffolk 114 miles

Dingley Dell Pork (see pics below)

Ashmoor Hall Farm, Campsea Ash, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 0PG.

Dingley Dell Pork is supplied to us by wholesalers Suffolk Meat Traders, Grove Lane, Elmswell, Suffolk IP30 9HN.

The full distance Blythburgh Free Range Pork pork travels from its source to our shop:

Farm 39 miles Abattoir 53 miles Distribution 8 miles Our shop Total:
Nr. Southwald, Suffolk Nr. Norwich, Norfolk Haughley New Street, Suffolk Walsham le Willows, Suffolk 100 miles

Blythburgh Free Range Pork

St Margarets Farm, Mells, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 9DD.

Mark Hayward, owner of Dingley Dell Pork.

Five week old piglets being weaned on Dingley Dell’s farm.

Cuts and cooking methods

Pork loin

  • Chops
  • On the bone
  • Boned and rolled
  • Steaks
  • Tenderloins

The loin provides the leanest and most tender cuts of pork. Tenderloins are long round strips of boneless lean tender meat with virtually no waste.

Cooking: Suitable for quick cooking, grill or fry.

Pork steaks

Flavoursome but less tender than some other cuts. Contains fair amount of fat, which keeps meat tender and moist while cooking.

Cooking: Slow grill or slow fry.

Pork leg

  • Boned and rolled

Fresh leg meat is lean and makes an excellent roast. Both tasty and succulent. This cut is often made into hams.

Cooking: Roast.

Pork shoulder

  • Boned and rolled

Well flavoured. Neck end is slightly fattier and cheaper.

Cooking: Roast, or cut into cubes for casseroles or pies.

Hand of pork

Very meaty joint of good flavour.

Cooking: Roast, or cut into cubes for casseroles or pies.

Breast of pork

Pork belly. Coarser texture. Has covering of rind.

Cooking: Roast, or braise.

Pork ribs

  • For barbecue
  • Marinaded

Rib bones with a thin covering of meat and fat.

Cooking: Barbecue, or grill.

Loose minced pork

Coarsely ground moderately lean pork.

Cooking: Use in pâtés, and all types of minced meat recipes.

Discounts on orders made in advance (for collection)

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  • 5% off orders over £50

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