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Smoked fish

Smoked salmon, trout, mackerel, haddock…

Which wine with smoked salmon?

Traditionally people choose a dry white Burgundy or a Loire like a Sancerre. It is worth trying a fruitier demi-sec off dry wine.

Shami Gill, Wattisfield Wines. Three doors from us. .

Caught and smoked by Pinneys (also known as Butleys) of Orford, Suffolk.

All the fish are fresh, and, apart from the Scottish salmon, caught locally to Pinneys off Orford Ness in the North Sea.

Smoked by Pinneys in their smokehouse. Something they’ve been doing since the late 1950’s.

After being caught, the fish are salted or brined, then hung in their smokehouse. Oak logs gently smoulder smoking the fish which preserves the fish and gives it a lovely distinct flavour.

Trout, mackerel, sprats, eels, cod roe etc. are hung for a few hours before being hot smoked (cooked over the open fire) while salmon is cured over a period of about 48 hours.

Order fish items in advance:

We have a very limited and varying selection of fish items available in our shop at any one time. If you require a specific item please order two or more days in advance.

To order telephone 01359 259225 (we’re open now opening hours) or contact us.

Smoked Scottish Salmon

sold by
Hand Sliced ¼lb / 114g
Hot Cutlets 200g
Hand Sliced ½lb / 227g
Hand Sliced and Laid Back Scottish Side 2lbs / 908g
Whole Side Hot 1200g
Whole Side 3lbs / 1360g

Smoked Wild Scottish Salmon

sold by
Hand sliced ¼lb / 114g
Hand sliced ½lb / 227g
Whole side 2.5lbs / 1134g
Hand sliced and laid back wild salmon side 2lbs / 907g

Smoked Fish Products

sold by
Roll Mops 100g
Sweet Pickled Herring Fillets 100g
Sweet Mustard Sauce 150g
Smoked Fish Pate 150g
Smoked Salmon Pate 150g
Taramasalata 150g
Smoked Prawns ½lb / 225g
Smoked Trout Fillets 135g
Whole Smoked Mackerel 350g
Smoked Sardines 4 per pack, 225g
Smoked Mackerel Fillets 1 pair, 400g
Whole Smoked Trout 1 pair, 400g
Bloaters 1 pair, 400g
Smoked Sliced Eel 100g
Whole Smoked Eel Chunks 200g
Smoked Haddock Fillet 300g
Kippers 1 pair, 500g
Smoked Cod Roe 1lb / 454g

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