Boxing Day Box


A selection of everyones favourite tastes to complete the most satisfying Boxing Day banquet with ease this year, from cheese and chutney to homemade sausage rolls and pork pies, this luxury filled box is a guarenteed family favourite. (All cheeses cut into approx 250g quantities)

Colston Basset Stilton
Barbers Mature Cheddar
Creamy Brie
Homemade Pork Pie (1lb)
Homemade Sausage Rolls (6 mini)
Sliced Ham approx. 200g
Tracklements Christmas Spiced Chutney
Jacobs selection cracker box
Homemade Luxury Mince Pies (6)


Additional Information


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All our beef is naturally and locally reared – less than 7 miles from us – and traditionally butchered.

  • * No additives
  • * No growth enhancers
  • * No antibiotics
  • * No anthelmintics (wormers)
  • * No fly repellents

Expertly butchered on our premises: Hung traditionally to mature for three weeks; an essential part of the process which ensures tender, flavoursome beef.

Local Suffolk free range pork. Naturally and outdoor reared.

Hung and matured for ten days on our premises; this enhances the flavour and tenderises the meat.

Only young gilt (female) pigs are used, which ensures the most tender, sweet, and succulent pork possible.

Whenever available we stock rare breed pork: Gloucester Old Spot, Berkshire, Saddle Back, and Large Black.

We source our pork from two farms, Dingley Dell, and Blythburgh, both located out towards the Suffolk coast. For their whole lives all our pigs spend all day outside in large fields with plenty of space to roam in – never cooped up.

Dingley Dell and Blythburgh pigs are Freedom Food RSPCA monitored.

Truly free range, traditionally prepared chickens with about the lowest food miles you can get. These chickens roam the stack yards of Pound Farm in Thelnetham just five miles from us.

All feed entirely free from antibiotics, drugs, or growth promoters. The chicken’s cereal diet is grown and milled on farm.

Slow growing and grown to their full size and maturity.

Hand plucked, and hung to mature for one to two weeks before dressing, resulting in the tastiest, juiciest tender chickens.

All our pork sausages are made by us using our locally sourced pork.